Welcome to Blob Battle!

Hello, world! I’m Eshan, and I created Blob Battle.

Have you tried it yet? You can jump in on a game here!

I’ve always liked pure strategy games like chess, but I find chess games are so long and intense that I don’t get to play very often. When I designed Blob Battle, I wanted to make a game that had the same depth of strategy as chess, but was light-hearted and playable in 15 minutes.

The key new mechanic in Blob Battle is piece placement: The board starts out empty, and for the first half of the game, you take turns placing pieces. A lot of the strategy lies in setting up your blob army in a powerful position before the moves begin. ┬áThis makes for a fast-paced game once the battle starts. Pieces sometimes get captured hilariously quickly, in what one tester called “a blob-bath.”

Another feature I’m excited about is piece randomization. Each Blob Battle game has a different set of pieces in play, which makes the strategy a little different each time you play! (Until you play 56 games I guess, unless you unlock more *secret* pieces *cough* never mind).

How are you liking Blob Battle so far? Any great strategy plans? Tell us in the comments here! (Wait, what’s that? No comment section yet because of spammers? Oh well, just use your great strategy plans to take over Blob world.)