Trouble in Alharbron, Part 1 – Reunion

After a year apart, the party reunites in the Free City of Alharbron. Hugo learned an ancient dwarven legend and was given some magic items. Vistra built a church. Bob learns about the Three Skulls of Darkness and also gets some new spells. Angelica has a glow up.

| Deity Names: Vharalda, the Mother Below; Atonath, the Fire of Creation, the Lord of Illumination; Khra’ghoraxha, the Fire of Destruction, the Great Conflagration |

| Elemental Vestiges: Fife of the Four Winds, Wavestave, Aegis of the Mountain, Ragefire Gauntlets, Evergreen Sash, Rimeskate Boots, Eye of the Storm, Animus Amulet |

| Three Skulls of Darkness: Oracle of Gorthmar, Crucible of Carzana, Lantern of Baba Lwurga |

| NPC Names: Chadrathalien, Cassalynn, Captain Turonde Drakebane, Sheela Spellwhisper, Wendyl the Barkeep, Boss Weedlin, Feelie Downbough |

| Place Names: Myn-zab-na-tlawan, City of the Dark Elves |