One-Page Dungeon: The Lair of the Pun Usher

It’s one-page dungeon season! Once again, I will be entering the One Page Dungeon Contest. The rules are simple: Design a system-neutral RPG adventure that fits on a single sheet of paper. Then all the creators in the contest have a compendium of one-shots to run for the year to come!

I’ll post my entry for this year when it’s done, but in the meantime, here is my entry from the 2018 contest (Right click to save and print)!

Groan-inducing indeed. The light-hearted villain actually shares his name with a comic villain that I wrote about with friends back in college.

This one didn’t make the winners’ circle last year, but it was still a blast to write and see what everyone else came up with. The full compendium is now available here!