New Supplement: Humanoid Swarms

Humanoid foes such as goblins, orcs, and kobolds are iconic enemies in Dungeons & Dragons. They pose a challenge to a party at lower levels, but as the player characters become more powerful, these foes can only threaten a party when encountered in very large numbers. The party facing off against a horde of aggressors is a great narrative, but unfortunately running a large number of monsters has a side effect of greatly slowing down and complicating combat.

One way around this problem is to adopt the already-existent swarm rules for these humanoid foes. The rules for swarms allow for faster but still challenging encounters while still making use of quintessential humanoid enemies. This new supplement features statistic blocks for ten different types of humanoid swarms.

The Humanoid Swarms supplement can be found on the Dungeon Master’s Guild.