Magic Item of the Month: The Oracle of Gorthmar

Each month (eh, most months?), we’ll give you a new magic item to use in your 5e game. This month, we give you the oracle of Gorthmar, which was most recently featured in our podcast How The Quest Was Won, in the episode “The Wedding of Angelica Bane, Part 9 – The Oracle of Gorthmar”.

The Oracle of Gorthmar
Wondrous Item, Legendary

This object is carved from black stone into the shape of an orc skull with the crown of the head removed, creating a hollow basin to hold liquid.

To activate the oracle, one must sacrifice a humanoid creature in a bloodletting ritual that takes one minute and drains the victim’s blood into the basin in the skull. At the end of this time, the oracle will answer the first question that is asked in its presence. The oracle answers truthfully and directly, providing just enough information to be accurate, usually only a sentence or two. Only the oldest or most magically protected secrets are unknown to the oracle. After the question has been answered, the blood magically drains from the basin.