Magic Item of the Month: Sack of Holiday Gifts

To celebrate the holidays, here is a new magic item to use in your 5e game: the sack of holiday gifts!

(If you’ve listened to the Third Annual How the Quest Was Won Holiday Specialthis item will be familiar to you already.)

Sack of Holiday Gifts

Wondrous item, very rare

This magic bag has 10 charges. As an action, you can spend a charge to reach into the bag and pull out a random item. You can give the item to a creature within 5 feet of you as part of this action.

You cannot use the gift yourself or sell — it must be given away or it disappears. Additionally, once an individual has received a gift from this bag, any second gift given to them before the start of the next holiday or festival season also disappears.

The bag regains 1d6 + 4 charges daily at dawn.


d10 — Holiday Gift

1 — Socks. They’re nice socks, but they are just socks.

2 — Dense Fruitcake. During a short rest, you can eat this dense fruitcake, and you gain 10 temporary hit points.

3 — Paper Crown. As an action, you don this festive paper crown, and you gain advantage on your next Intelligence check or Intelligence saving throw while wearing the crown. The paper crown can only confer this effect once, and then it tears because it is made of flimsy paper.

4 — Satsuma. As an action, you eat this delicious satsuma, and you gain advantage on your next Dexterity check or Dexterity saving throw.

5 — Mistletoe. As part of the action of making a Charisma check, you can hold this sprig of mistletoe over your head and gain advantage. The mistletoe can only confer this effect once.

6 — Peppermint Stick. As an action, you eat this peppermint stick, and you gain advantage on your next Wisdom check or Wisdom saving throw.

7 — Gingerbread Cookie. As an action, you eat this gingerbread cookie, and you gain advantage on your next Strength check or Strength saving throw.

8 — Small Holly Wreath. On this wreath are 2d4 goodberries (as the spell).

9 — Jingle Bell. As a bonus action, you can ring the jingle bell and receive a d6 that you can roll and add the number rolled to one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw you make within the next 10 minutes (as Bardic Inspiration). The jingle bell can only confer this effect once.

10 — Ugly Holiday Sweater. This sweater counts as cold weather gear (see Extreme Cold, DMG p.110). However, while wearing the sweater, you have disadvantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks.