Magic Item of the Month: Arrows of Teleportation

Each month, we’ll give you a new magic item to use in your 5e game. This month, we give you the arrows of teleportation.

Arrows of Teleportation
Weapon (arrow or crossbow bolt), rare

This magical ammunition always comes in a set of two. On a hit, the first arrow of the pair embeds itself in the target. If within 1 minute the second arrow strikes another creature, an object, or a surface, the target struck by the first arrow teleports adjacent to the second target (no save). Creatures or objects of Gargantuan size cannot be teleported by the arrows of teleportation.In addition to the teleportation effect, the arrows deal damage as normal.

If the first attack misses its intended target, the DM will decide whether the arrow still strikes an eligible target. If the second arrow misses, the DM decides where it lands. Because the second arrow need only strike a surface, the teleportation effect occurs whether the second attack hits or misses the intended target.

If both attacks are successful and the target is teleported, both arrows are consumed and disappear. If the first arrow does not hit an eligible target, 1 minute later this arrow teleports back to be adjacent to its partner arrow, so the arrows of teleportation can never be lost, only used or destroyed. If the first arrow hits an eligible target, but the second arrow is never used, or if one of the arrows is broken, both arrows disappear. 

There also exist bolts of teleportation, that have the the same enchantment as arrows of teleportation but are fired from crossbows.