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Brendan Hainline is a graduate student. He has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for more than half of his life, starting with 3rd Edition in middle school. When not working on his dissertation or running D&D games, he enjoys (co-)writing webcomics. He also produces content for 5e Dungeons & Dragons on the DMs Guild. In the D&D 5e campaign, Brendan is the Dungeon Master. He creates the world (with help from the players). He also tries to do different accents for each NPC, with limited success.
Nyx Synjour
Fei Cai is an Ob/Gyn. She has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for approximately 8 years, and she has also DM’ed in the past. She enjoys running, knitting, talking about birth control, and delivering babies. In the D&D 5e campaign, Fei plays as Nyx, the fairy bard, who has been estranged from her people after she was exiled for singing a bawdy song in front of the fairy king. Nyx enjoys playing the zither and making up songs about her friends.

Angelica Bane
Karis Jones is officially an educational researcher and doctoral student. Unofficially, Karis is an enthusiast of cats, children’s cartoons, webcomics and tacos raining from the sky. She has participated in many D&D games, though this is her first time on a D&D podcast. In the D&D 5e campaign, Karis is Angelica Bane, a disguised princess with reflexive warrior skills and a (stolen) family heirloom broadsword named Bellator. Her (current) motto is “Better safe than stupid.”

Hugo Cloverleaf
Eshan Mitra works as a scientist at a secret government facility in the mountains. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and reading webcomics, and playing games. In the D&D 5e campaign, Eshan plays as Hugo Cloverleaf, a halfling who hails from a quaint little halfling town at the base of an almost extinct volcano. Hugo is extremely optimistic about adventure and life in general, and is unable to sense dangerous situations.

Ben Young is bad at meeting deadlines. Ben plays Bob in the D&D 5e campaign. He's a wizard, and his spell of choice is Invisibility.

Our awesome character artwork for Nyx, Angelica, and Hugo is by Heidi Paña!