Blob Battle Blob Battle


Do you have what it takes to become the greatest blob kingdom in all the land?

A Blob Battle game is played in two phases. In the first phase, the players recruit their blob armies onto the battlefield. In the second phase, the armies engage in glorious battle until one side emerges victorious!

Placement Phase

Each player gets 15 coins with which to purchase blobs.
The players take turns purchasing pieces and placing them on the board, one at a time, until both players have spent all of their coins
Whoever finished placement first gets to move first in the battle phase!

Battle Phase

Let the battle begin!
The object is to score the most points (shields) by moving your pieces into your castle. Pieces move and capture other pieces as described below.
When a piece reaches its castle, it is removed from play and scores points according to the type of piece.

End of Game

The game ends when both players pass or have no available moves. The game can also end if one player scores enough points to clinch victory, if the same board position is repeated 3 times, or if 20 moves pass without a piece being captured or scored.
The player with the most points wins!

The Pieces


Each player gets one castle, which is free to place. Your other pieces score points by reaching the castle.
The castle cannot move, and does not block line of sight.

Grunt (2$, 2VP)

Moves and captures 1 space orthogonally

Archer (2$, 2VP)

Moves 1 space orthogonally or diagonally. Captures by leaping 2 or 3 spaces in an orthogonal line, even if there are other pieces in between.

Page (2$, 2VP)

Moves and captures exactly 2 spaces orthogonally. Can change direction after the first step, but can't step over other pieces.
Note that if it starts on a different color space than its castle, it will never be able to score.

Cleric (3$, 3VP)

Moves and captures any number of spaces diagonally, like a bishop in chess.
If orthogonally adjacent to its castle, it can move into the castle.

Knight (3$, 3VP)

Moves in an L shape, like a knight in chess.

Soldier (3$, 2VP)

Moves and captures 1 space orthogonally or diagonally.

Fairy (3$, 2VP)

Moves 1 space diagonally. Captures by remaining stationary, and zapping a piece in an orthogonal line of sight.
Note that if it starts on a different color space than its castle, it will never be able to score.

Gunner (2$, 0VP)

Does not move. Captures by zapping a piece in an orthogonal or diagonal line of sight.

Prince(ss) (2$, 4VP)

Moves 1 space orthogonally or diagonally. Can't capture pieces, but is worth lots of points if it reaches the castle.
Cannot start the game adjacent to its castle.

Rules Lawyering

Q: Why aren't all of the pieces in play?
A: The available pieces change each game, so each Blob Battle game presents a new challenge! Princess and Castle are always in play, along with 5 other piece types.

Q: What if I really want to go first in the battle phase, but haven't spent all my coins?
A: You can declare you're done placing after any piece placement.


Blob Battle was created by Eshan Mitra.
Game piece art by Eshan Mitra
Web programming by Eshan Mitra
Testing and editing by Brendan Hainline and Geoff Weeks
Board graphics include Creative Commons content by Zabin, Hyptosis, and Daniel Cook at Opengameart.
Sound effect by Tobias 'unfa' Karon at Freesound.

Blob Battle is a Rogue Hexagon Studios production.