The Rogue Hexagon team has written a ton of comics over the years, some posted here on and others on their own websites.

(Hiatus) Ellie is a mostly ordinary 4th grader in Miss Anderson's class. But as any 4th grader knows, the best part of school is recess, and recess is for playing games! Ellie ropes in three of her friends to play a game called... Dungeons and Dragons? No, actually, Playgrounds and Paladins. Maybe she isn't so ordinary after all.

(Active) An adventure where YOU decide what happens next! At the end of each episode, there are 4 possible choices. Vote for your favorite in the comments section, and whichever one wins is what happens in the next episode! So far, fans have voted for a story about Melville Callahan and his history teacher Mr. Fredenberg, on a quest for revenge – or just to stop Google from taking over the world. How will their adventure unfold from here? That's for you to decide!

(Completed) An unfortunate mishap at high school Literature Appreciation Club trapped all three members inside the book "The Story of Saliria." Can they rise to the challenge of becoming heroes, completing the plot, and finding their way back home?

(Hiatus) The retired General Hardcastle has realized his lifelong dream: hosting a cooking show. His guests have included the U.S. president, a military predator drone, and a presidential candidate who later went on to win!

(Completed) Eshan made some silly GIF animations in Powerpoint.

(Completed) 2011 was a tough year economically. Many people lost their homes, their jobs, and their way of life. There were some Americans, though, who were especially hard-hit by the slumped economy, though few know of their struggles. They were supervillains. It turns out that secret bases are expensive to own and run. And who can extort money from the government when its credit rating is downgraded? Fraternity of Evil tells the tale of three supervillains who went back to school at one Brown University in search of a brighter future.

(Completed) Our famous comic that ran in print from 2009 to 2011 in the Brown Daily Herald. A two-dimensional saga featuring a dot, a line, and lots of bad puns. Classic episodes are posted here biweekly (ish)!

(Completed) Eshan's first webcomic that started it all! Over 500 comics in retro "pencil doodle on notebook paper" style telling the story of Serengetti and his friends going to a university in the Poison Ivy League.