Sorcerous Origin: Fey Bloodline

Legends and literature are filled with powerful magic users whose magic comes from their fey heritage or a direct connection to the Feywild. These sorcerers, or more often, sorceresses, are mysterious, beguiling, and charming beings that use their magics for good or for their own capricious desires.

This subclass for the sorcerer lets you play such a character, whose innate magic comes from the blood of the fey that runs through your veins. One or more of your ancestors came from the Feywild, a realm of wonder and magic. Elves and gnomes are obvious carriers of the fey bloodline, but even members of other races might have a distant fey ancestor whose magic has reappeared after unnumbered generations. Or, perhaps your own blood has become infused with the magic of the Feywild after spending an extended period of time there yourself, having accidentally stumbled through one of the hidden and fickle doorways to this plane.

The Sorcerous Origin: Fey Bloodline supplement can be downloaded from the DMs Guild here.

Racial Weapons

The 5e Player’s Handbook offers a standard selection of weaponry options drawn from historical (human) cultures. The weapons presented in this supplement have been designed to be used by the cultures of the non-human races of the Player’s Handbook, including:

  • Dragonborn Shieldblade
  • Dwarven Longaxe
  • Gnomish Repeating Crossbow
  • Halfling Skipstones
  • Elven Bladed Bow
  • Orc Double-Axe
  • Tiefling Chainsword

These weapons are more exotic than typical weapons. They have special rules for proficiency and combat, which are also outlined in this supplement.

The Racial Weapons supplement can be downloaded from the DMs Guild here.