One-Page Dungeon: The Mad Artificer’s Invention

Time to share my entry for the 2019 One Page Dungeon Contest! For those not familiar with this contest, it’s pretty great: The challenge is to write a self-contained one-shot adventure that fits on a single sheet of paper.

It looks like there were over 100 entries this year. Now we’re all eagerly awaiting the release of the full compendium and the winners! Without further ado, here’s my page…

I went all in this year for the tricky puzzle mechanic of the Alchemical Gems and machines. I haven’t gotten to playtest this yet, but I’m curious to see how many times the party would accidentally build a new monster by combining the wrong gems.

If you get the chance to try this adventure out, tweet to us @RogueHexagon and tell us what you think!

One-Page Dungeon: The Lair of the Pun Usher

It’s one-page dungeon season! Once again, I will be entering the One Page Dungeon Contest. The rules are simple: Design a system-neutral RPG adventure that fits on a single sheet of paper. Then all the creators in the contest have a compendium of one-shots to run for the year to come!

I’ll post my entry for this year when it’s done, but in the meantime, here is my entry from the 2018 contest (Right click to save and print)!

Groan-inducing indeed. The light-hearted villain actually shares his name with a comic villain that I wrote about with friends back in college.

This one didn’t make the winners’ circle last year, but it was still a blast to write and see what everyone else came up with. The full compendium is now available here!

The Iceberg of Rime and Ruin

Strange creatures with draconic traits have been attacking travelers along the northern Sword Coast between Luskan and Ironmaster, both on land and at sea. The creatures were first sighted after a mysterious iceberg, constantly shrouded in a cold fog, appeared off the coast near Fireshear several ten-days ago.

A call has gone out for brave adventurers to investigate the iceberg and discover what the connection is between it and the strange creatures that are being called “the dragon-blooded”.

This is the first part in what is intended to become a series focusing on the remnants of the Cult of the Dragon after their failed attempt to bring Tiamat into the world in Horde of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat. One branch of the cult has a new strategy to gain power: they are magically infusing creatures with the blood of dragons. They call these new creatures “dragon-blooded.”

This adventure is intended for a standard-sized party (3-5 players) of 3rd-level characters and is set in the Forgotten Realms™️ campaign setting.

The Iceberg of Rime and Ruin is available now on the DMs Guild.

5e Adventure: The Shrine of the Nameless One

The Shrine of the Nameless One is a short adventure for four 5th-6th level characters.

A librarian has gone missing. This adventure leads the party into a dark forest in search of the missing librarian. Along the way they will encounter goblins and other dangers of the forest, and finally face the true threat: a cult devoted to a cryptic and malevolent entity of destruction, known only as ‘The Nameless One.’ The cult seeks to use the secret lore of the kidnapped librarianto help them summon their dark master. It is up to the party to put an end to the cult’s evil plot.

The Shrine of the Nameless One can be downloaded from the DMs Guild here.