Blob Battle Board Game

Have a look at the sweet swag I got in the mail this week…

That’s right, we made a physical version of Blob Battle! You can buy it here!

It’s sold through GameCrafter, a print-on-demand service for board games. The current list price is at manufacturing cost. We don’t have plans to commercialize / print these in bulk, but perhaps we will later if the demand arises!

I had a chance to try out my copy with some friends this week. It came out really nice! Here’s the whole setup in action at the start of the game

For the pieces available to buy in the current game, we have these nice cards that show the rules for movement as well

The pieces are printed on these sturdy cardboard chits. Here’s what it looked like at the end of the placement phase…

And the endgame featured an ill-fated archer trying to sneak past the fairy!

This concludes my show and tell for the week! Remember, you also can play Blob Battle for free online right here! Find a friend and battle it out!